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TWN to offer PSE Skullworks Hydro Graphic Film

Skullworks Camo Water Transfer FilmPRINCETON, FL - May 3, 2012 - TWN Industries Inc. announces the release of PSE Skullworks™ water transfer printing film. PSE Archery, a manufacturer of bows and accessories, had the Skullworks Camo pattern especially designed for their products. While this pattern is exclusive to PSE Archery for their product category, the pattern is now available for purchase from TWN for non-competitive categories including archery accessories and aftermarket decorating. Water transfer printing (also known as hydrographic printing and camo dipping) decorates bows, firearms, and other hard goods by transferring highly detailed graphics to 3-D surfaces. Developed for the archery and hunting community, Skullworks Camo features stunning images of deer and elk skulls against a striking flat black finish. The pattern's contrast and detail make a good fit for bows and the design is small enough to bedistinguishable even on thin curvature of bows. Although the pattern was designed with a black background in mind, the water transfer printing film can be applied to any color background.

"Skullworks Camo was a hit with our customers," said Lance Irving, VP of Sales and Marketing Director of PSE bows. "Because of the positive reaction it received we
decided to share it with the sporting goods industry and we are making a version of the pattern available to the manufacturing and retail public without the PSE logo. They can now match our bows to their other hunting products."

"Our film pattern development program allows manufacturers to add a distinctive look to their products. PSE's pattern uses sharp contrast between the black background and the skulls to make PSE bows stand out in the pack," stated Mike Richards, Director of Business Development of TWN Industries.

PSE Skullworks water transfer printing film is available exclusively through TWN Industries. Part number for Skullworks is WTP-599. To find a TWN Certified
Processor to decorate parts for you or to order film call 305-258-9622.

About PSE Archery:

Born with humble beginnings in a 700-square foot building in Mahomet, Illinois, PSE was one of the first five companies to obtain licensing under the Allen Patent for compound bows. Of the original five, PSE is the only company still manufacturing compound bows. PSE, the industry's leading manufacturer, holds twenty patents for bow design and archery products. Archers can count on PSE to bring advanced manufacturing techniques to the industry.

About TWN Industries, Inc.:

Incorporated in 1994, TWN Industries, Inc. is the original water transfer printing supplier. TWN offers film, equipment, supplies and training for the water transfer printing industry. TWN proudly serves clients large and small, ranging from automotive to the sporting goods market. Sample decorating and consulting services are available to manufacturers at no charge from their lab facility and corporate headquarters located in Princeton, Florida. In the alternative, manufacturers can choose to access a worldwide network of TWN Certified Processors who are available to decorate one part or hundreds of thousands. For more information visit or call 305.258.9622.