Water Transfer Printing Film Ring

Our Water Transfer Printing film ring is the perfect selling tool for your business. Use this interactive hydrographics film catalog to show customers all the patterns you have available and help them choose a pattern they will love.

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The TWN film ring features over 400 premium Water Transfer Printing films. We meticulously cut the film to the size of a business card and laminate it in a protective sheet. This ensures it will last a lifetime.

Our film ring is a step above any other hydrographics film catalog because it is a true representation of the actual film you will receive when purchasing each pattern. This allows you to see where the pattern is transparent, sample base coat colors under it, and have a true to scale representation of the actual Water Transfer Printing film.

Use the film ring as a selling tool to show customers and assist them in choosing a pattern. You can also bring it to trade shows and local events to promote your business. Each film ring costs $200. However, you get one free when you attend our hydrographics training course.

We are constantly developing and printing new hydro dipping film patterns. Just request a film ring update and we will update your film ring for free!


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