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Customize Your Production Line

Rifle Before Hydro Dipping
Rifle Dipped in WTP-854 A-TACS iX Hydrographic Film

Give Your Products a Competitive Edge

Water Transfer Printing solutions will give you the advantage to thrive in a highly-saturated marketplace.

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Water Transfer Printing Films

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Take Your Film Inventory With You

Browse our film gallery on the go. Promote at trade shows or locally.

  • Not sure what activator to use? The TWN Gallery App shows you the recommended activator, soak time, and water temperature.
  • Need to view our patterns without an Internet connection? No worries, the TWN Gallery App allows you to save patterns directly to your device.
  • The patterns you regularly stock can easily be added to your Favorites.

Superior Training

Improve Quality & Reduce Costs

Looking to start a hydro dipping business? Our industry-leading 2-day training program will help you improve quality and consistency, all while reducing material costs.

  • The industry's first & most comprehensive Water Transfer Printing training program.
  • Real-world exercises with popular items & a broad array of different substrates and shapes.
  • Unlimited support and troubleshooting.
  • Over 1,300 TWN Certified processors.
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Professional Equipment

TWN Industries Dipping Tank & Automatic Spray System

Tanks, Wash Stations & Automatic Spray Systems

Improve your processing efficiency and quality with our professional Water Transfer Printing equipment.

  • Entry level systems starting at $2,900.
  • Durable and easy to use electronic control panels.
  • 2-days of comprehensive hands-on training included.
  • Continuous Support & Troubleshooting.
  • 1-Year Warranty
WTP Equipment

Camouflage Brands

We partner with over 25 premium camouflage brands. Learn more about the companies behind our innovative camouflage films.