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What is Water Transfer Printing?

Water Transfer Printing is a decorative coating technology that allows you to apply detailed patterns and artwork onto 3-dimensional objects. This coating method is used widely for decorating automotive dash panels, aviation bulkheads, rifle stocks, and many other items. Want to learn more about hydro dipping? Read our ultimate guide to hydro dipping.


Hydro Dip Film Manufacturer

Hydro Dipping Film

TWN has the highest-quality hydro dipping films on the market. Top manufacturers in the firearms, military, automotive, and aviation industries use our films on their products.

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Spraying Hydrographics Activator


We have created the most advanced activator formulas that increase color retention, film dipping window, and overall decoration quality. TWN’s activators allow our films to operate at peak performance.

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Hydro Dipping Paint Samples


At its core, Water Transfer Printing is a painting process. We provide automotive-grade paints, candies, and industrial coatings that work seamlessly with Water Transfer Printing decoration.

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Poseidon Hydro Dipping Clear Coat

Clear Coat

Applying a clear coat to your parts is an essential step in the Water Transfer Printing process. TWN provides high UV and scratch resistance clear coats to seal in the final finish.

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Hydrographics Training

Our Certification Program is the most in-depth Water Transfer Printing training on the market. It includes 2 days of hands-on training at our lab facility in Princeton, FL. All equipment purchases include free training.

Hydrographics Training

Hydrographic Film Development

Our Art Department is highly skilled in configuring files and optimizing artwork for hydro dipping film production, ensuring a timely and seamless transition into Water Transfer Printing.

Film Development

OEM Services

Our OEM Implementation Program will integrate Water Transfer Printing into your existing production line. Our team has successfully integrated our process into both large and small manufacturing facilities with a minimum amount of downtime.

OEM Consulting

Find A Certified Processor

We have a network of over 1,400 companies that are Certified TWN Processors around the globe. They can provide superior hydro dipping services for any project. Call us today to find a processor in your area.

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Thousands of Applications…

Firearms & Hunting

Hunting rifles and compound bows.


Ballistic helmets and rifles.


Van conversions and dashboards.


Bulkheads and window frames.


Casual frames and sports glasses.


Cabinetry and wall protection.


Plastic electronic housings.

Medical Equipment

Stethoscopes and medical carts.

Sports Gear

Football and baseball helmets.

OEM Manufacturing

Plastics component manufacturing.