Feel the power of Poseidon coursing through your veins with our line of dynamic pearlescent colors. These pearls feature an incredible reflectivity, brightness, and sparkle that give your projects an unforgettable appearance.

How to Use Our Pearls: Pearls are designed to be sprayed over solid colors, use a pearl that compliments the color you are spraying. Our blue pearl, gold pearl, and blue pearl were sprayed over Poseidon Paint: White.

  • Better, Brighter, More Dynamic: Poseidon pearls contain color shifting pigments that will amaze. From blue to rose to gold, our pearls are more vibrant and shift like the commanding waves of the sea.
  • 72 Hour Dip Window: Have a large project? Not a problem. Paint with Poseidon and dip within 3 days for a flawless finish every time.
  • Ready to Spray: Just stir, pour into your gun and spray. We recommend 2-3 light coats with a 10 min flash between coats.

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