Find A Certified Water Transfer Printing Processor

Looking to get your parts dipped? We’d love to help you find a TWN Certified Processor in your area. Our referral program only includes our network of 1300+ companies that have passed our rigorous training program. This ensures you are paired with a professional that will dip your parts according to industry best practices.


Our network includes multiple processors in every state in the U.S., Canada and internationally. This allows you to find the closest processor that fits your unique needs. It also reduces transit time and shipping costs.

High Quality Standards

The Water Transfer Printing industry has experienced massive growth over the past 5-10 years. Over saturation in the market has made finding the most qualified processor more difficult. We guide you through the selection process by vetting our contacts and ensuring they will meet your project requirements.

FFL (Federal Firearms License)

Want to dip your rifle or pistol but don’t want to take it apart? Many of our TWN Certified processors possess a Federal Firearms License which allows you to ship your firearms directly to them. Some companies have disassembly services as well. Just call us and request a processor with an FFL.

Custom Water Transfer Printing Projects

Many of our contacts can provide highly customized pieces of art by utilizing advanced painting, masking, and dipping techniques. Whether you are an avid hunter looking to dip your rifle in one of our camouflage patterns or a car enthusiast looking to dip your wheels in carbon fiber, we can provide a list of highly-skilled TWN Certified processors.

Find a Water Transfer Printing Processor in your Area

Do you require a processor with an FFL(Federal Firearms License)?


Water Transfer Printing for Manufacturers

Looking to bring your Water Transfer Printing process in-house? Our OEM Implementation Program will guide you through the entire process and allow you to decorate parts in your facility, increase quality, and decrease shipping costs.