Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Automatic Activation System

Automated Spray Systems

Our Automated Spray System is our latest production-level activation system. We tailored this system to fit snuggly around any of our Stainless-Steel dipping tanks. The system includes a self-standing control box that allows it to fit well in a constrained area. Because we build this spray system in-house, we can modify it to fit around your existing hydrographic tank.

One of the main benefits from this system is the reduction of air pollutants. 1 hour of production requires only 1 min of actual spraying time. 3 spray zones can be controlled independently which allows you to process parts that require film that is less than the full length of the tank.

Activation System Features

  • 6 hydraulic spray nozzles
  • 3 seconds to activate 3 square meters of film.
  • 3 independently controlled spray zones allow you to turn off certain zones.
  • Touch screen HMI allows easy configuration of activation parameters.
  • Internal trigger interfaces with production arm.
  • Programmable film profiles.
  • Warning horn prior to movement.
  • Durable Stainless-Steel construction.
  • Portable control box with 30 ft. cable.
  • On-site installation included.
  • Emergency stop
  • Control box
  • Leveling feet
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • 2-days Hands on Training at our Facility in Princeton, Fl.


  • 2 meter tank: 6 Spray nozzles.
  • 3 meter tank: 9 Spray nozzles.
  • 3.3 meter tank: 10 Spray nozzles.

Our Automatic Spray System can be custom built to fit around any existing Water Transfer Printing tank, including tanks not sold by TWN.


Our Automated Spray System takes the human element out of the activation process. This system is especially helpful for large meter-wide film projects where getting proper activation requires a tall person to extend over the entire surface area of the tank. This takes the “guess work” out of film activation and streamlines the entire process, saving time and material.