Wield the power of Poseidon with our line of premium metallic automotive paints. Poseidon Paint Systems inspires you to create things that you have never created before and empowers you to make a difference, to outpace the competition, to take risks, to PAINT YOUR LEGACY.

Our jaw-dropping metallics feature specialized aluminum flake that creates mind-bending depth and shimmer. Conquer your foes with on-trend metallic colors that will blow your customers away.

  • Optimized Metallic Control: Proprietary leveling compounds ensure our metallic paints lay out smooth and give you a flawless finish.
  • 72 Hour Dip Window: Not processing right away? Not a problem. Paint with Poseidon and dip within 3 days for a perfect finish every time.
  • Ready to Spray: Just stir, pour into your gun and spray. We recommend 2-3 light coats with a 10 min flash between coats.

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