Film Development

In today’s competitive marketplaces, standing out from the competition by offering products decorated in the custom hydrographic film is more important than ever. Companies that use Water Transfer Printing to decorate their products have been proven to lead the pack in sales at the retail level.

It’s important to refresh the designs from year to year and in some cases, to develop new and creative designs that are relevant to your marketplaces. This might include camouflage, wood grain, metal, marble and other designer patterns.

Custom Film Development

TWN offers a complete pattern development path from end to end for custom hydrographic film development. We will take the time to understand your company’s history, marketing objectives, and buying audience to help you develop patterns that are eye-catching to the consumer. We can work with your existing art and modify it based on Water Transfer Printing film processing requirements or develop custom art on your behalf.

Superior Cylinder Engraving

Once the pattern art is approved custom gravure printing cylinders are engraved with your pattern design. Because we print in an ISO 9001:2008 environment our cylinders are of the highest quality chromed fabrication and they are capable of printing thousands of meters of film in 50, 60 or 100cm widths. For special applications, we even produce 1.3 meters for the largest width films. These cylinders are designed to print with inks and materials that meet or exceed REACH, RoHS, CPSIA and other international standards.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

When you partner with us to develop your custom Water Transfer Printing film we take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property through our long-standing exclusive business relationship with our printing facility. We have partnered with many large brands to develop their patterns into Water Transfer Printing films. We will do everything in our power to prevent/stop counterfeit Water Transfer Printing films and assist you in pursuing responsible parties if necessary.