TWN’s selection of hydro dip activator features two formulations that are designed to be applied to our inventory of over 400 hydro dip films. Many large manufacturers and high volume decorating facilities use our hydro dipping activators because they improve color retention, ink stretching, and overall image quality transfer.

NJM2010SPC hydrographic activator less aggressive and formulated for the specific ink types found in many of our camo hydrographic films. NJM2010SPC increases color retention and gives you a longer window before the film becomes over-activated.

3-3502 hydrographic activator is designed for many of our wood grain, designer, and carbon fiber hydrographic films. This activator works optimally with the ink chemistries found in these films.

When purchasing, each film has the recommended activator called out on its product page. For optimal results, it is imperative that you use the correct activator for each film.

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Showing all 4 results