Water Transfer Printing Tanks

Our Water Transfer Printing tanks provide efficient & cost-effective solutions for varying levels of production capacity. Purchase of a Water Transfer Printing processing system includes 2 days of professional hydrographics training.

Entry-Level Hydrographic Tanks

Beginner Hydrographics Tank

Our Entry-Level System features a fiberglass Water Transfer Printing tank supported by a steel frame with 6 leveling feet for easy installation. Our Entry-Level Water Transfer Printing tank offers a three-stage system with a main processing compartment, reclamation skimmer, and filtration trap with removable filtration material. It includes a digital timer, temperature controls, industrial heater and high-efficiency circulation pump. These parts work together to provide good Water Transfer Printing process control.

Our Entry-Level processing system is manufactured entirely in the USA. This system is built with versatility and efficiency in mind. Our Entry-Level hydrographic tank is a cost-effective and compact solution that yields high quality, consistent results. If you are just starting out it makes for a great 1st tank and is backed by a 1-Year Warranty. It is our most popular processing solution for small businesses.

Tank Features

  • Lightweight & durable fiberglass construction.
  • Large internal processing area of 48in by 24in.
  • Adjustable film baffles reduces material waste.
  • Built in-house and available to ship in 1 week.
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 2–days hands-on training at our facility in Princeton, Florida.


Internal Processing Area:
48 in Long x 24 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
70 in Long x 33 in Wide x 34 in Tall
Power Configuration:
220V 20A Single Phase


The TWN Entry Level 1.2-meter system is ideally suited for after-market custom processing or light production dipping of small to medium-sized items. We developed this system for fast and efficient processing of firearms, archery products, automotive trim, marine components, and more. This equipment is used and appropriate for Research & Development labs.


Purchase of our Entry-Level Water Transfer Printing tank includes 2 days of hands-on training at our facility in Princeton, FL. Here you will learn the entire process, advanced dipping techniques, and common troubleshooting procedures. Join our network of over 1,300 TWN Certified Processors.

Stainless Steel Hydrographic Tanks

Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Hydrographics Tank


Our line of Stainless-Steel Water Transfer Printing Tanks feature durable construction and a large processing area for medium to large processing capacities. With the proper fixtures, this equipment produces quality decoration of multiple small parts.

  1. Dipping Arm: An industrial-grade Dipping Arm provides a steady, consistent dipping motion and ensures precise and streamlined processing throughout all dips. This increases your overall output.
  2. Automatic Spray System: Our Automatic Spray System is fabricated and programmed in-house. This is not like any other activator spray system on the market. With the innovative design and programming, it provides complete control over film activation.

Tank Features

  • Three-stage processing
  • Durable Stainless-Steel construction.
  • 4 sets of adjustable film baffles. (50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm)
  • Industrial grade surface heater
  • Surface reclamation skimmer
  • Assure Temp™ temperature control
  • Perfect Flow™ circulation pump
  • Filtration trap with removable filter material.
  • Leveling feet
  • Digital timer
  • 1-Year Warranty

Activation Systems

  • Manual
  • Pre-activation drawdown
  • Automatic Spray System

Production Arm

  • Fully programmable speed controls
  • Consistent and repeatable processing
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple parts
  • Fast and easy fixture installation and removal
  • Fully integrated with automatic spray system via an internal trigger.



Internal Processing Area:
79 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
108 in Long x 55 in Wide by 36 in Tall


Internal Processing Area:
118 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
147 in Long x 55 in Wide x 36 in Tall


Internal Processing Area:
129 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
159 in Long x 55 in Wide x 36 in Tall

Power Configurations

  • 3 phase 220V or 480V
  • Single phase 220V


Our line of Stainless Steel Water Transfer Printing tanks is best suited for medium to high-volume production. This is a popular processing solution for OEM’s and companies who wish to decorate large objects like ATV components and long profile parts. You can achieve greater production efficiency when paired with our Production Arm and Automatic Spray System.