Water Transfer Printing Training

Water Transfer Printing Training

Want to start a hydrographics business but don’t know where to begin? Start with a professional hydrographics training course. Our 2-Day Certification Program will guide you through the complete process from start to finish. Learn industry best practices and some tricks we’ve learned through our many years of experience.

We highly recommend our Water Transfer Printing training program because it will walk you through everything you need to know about the process and will help you gain a competitive advantage in your local market as well as abroad.

We don’t put a price on knowledge and therefore don’t have multiple tiers of training. We want everyone that trains with us to leave with the knowledge and toolset needed to be successful within the Water Transfer Printing industry.

TWN Hydrographics Training Course

Hydro Dipping Training Program
The Famous Louis – TWN Hydrographics Training
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Priming & Painting
  • Activation
  • Dipping
  • Washing
  • Top Coat
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

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At TWN, our job is to be a support system for your business. Sign up for training today & take your new or existing business to a whole new level!

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Why Attend Our Hydro Dipping Training?

Hydrographics Training: Pouring Activator
Activation & Optimal Spray Gun Settings

TWN is the only Water Transfer Printing supplier that has a No-Processing Policy. We do not provide processing at our facility outside of sampling and Research & Development. This allows us to be a true support system for your business, enabling us to refer out processing inquiries to you, our TWN Certified Processor.

The Most Reputable Hydrographics Training Program

TWN’s mission is to improve the proficiency of Water Transfer Printing processors through our hydro dipping training and certification program. This enables you to grow your business by providing a higher-quality product. Our TWN Certified logo also serves as a seal of approval and is recognized as the highest quality standard throughout the industry. This can help you gain customers who are looking for a proven and reputable company to provide Water Transfer Printing services.

My experience with TWN was very good. I went to a class prior to this and did not learn half as much as I learned here.
Attended TWN Certified Training

Choose Your Hydro Dip Tank (Training is Free w/ Purchase)

Entry-Level Hydro Dip Tank

1.2M Hydro Dip Tank (Entry-Level)

Starting at $3,495

Our 1.2-meter hydrographics tank is our entry-level system. This system is perfect for dipping small car parts, deer skulls, rifle stocks, hard hats, rims up to 20″, and more.

View 1.2M Tank

1.2M XL Hydro Dip Tank

XL 1.2M Hydro Dip Tank (Professional)

Starting at $4,995

Our XL 1.2-meter hydrographics tank is our professional-level system. This system features a 34″ ultra-wide dipping area that allows you to dip rims up to 30″, engine covers, motorcycle tanks, and more.

View XL 1.2M Tank

2.8M Hydro Dipping Tank

Production-Level Hydro Dip Tanks

Starting at $9,999

We have a wide selection of production-level tanks and automated systems designed for high-volume production. More manufacturers trust TWN for equipment than anyone else in the industry.

View Production Tanks

Our Knowledge Base

Hydro Dipping Training: Taping Off Rifle Stock
Taping Off Rifle Stock Prior to Dipping

At TWN, we have put together a team of professionals that understand and have worked in the automotive, marine, aviation, and sporting goods markets. Combined, these professionals have over 100 years of experience in these respective markets. With this experience, we can guide you in pattern selection and recommend the hottest new patterns for your products based on market demand.

We have extensive knowledge of the Water Transfer Printing process. When you are having trouble with any facet of the process, we can diagnose the issue and provide a solution. We can help you solve technical problems like spotting and fading in a production or small-scale environment.

Phone Support

Hydrographics Training: Paint Mixing
Proper Paint Mixing Procedures & Ratios

Our sales & technical support team has completed our TWN Certified hydrographics training program. They can provide troubleshooting information, new pattern releases, and take your order. Our sales & technical support team is available Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm EST. If they do not have a solution, they have full access to our lab personnel for expert help.

Did you under-activate your film, leave the film on the water too long, is your water too cold, was your film stored improperly? Our 2-day hydrographics training course dives deep into these issues and gives you a solid foundation to fix and prevent these complications within your process workflow. This allows you to optimize your parameters, produce a superior product, and outpace your competition.

What our Customers Say

Our experience with the TWN Industries class was beyond amazing. I am walking away with the help and support that will allow our company to grow. I was so impressed with their customer service, training & facility.
Jaimie & Tim
Attended TWN Certified Training

We developed our hydrographics training program with you in mind. No matter your skillset or experience, we have crafted a comprehensive curriculum designed to teach you the entire Water Transfer Printing process.

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