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“Such a friendly environment. I felt very welcome. Michelle is very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Louie is such a valuable employee. His knowledge and experience are irreplaceable. Thank you, Louie, for your patience, humor and your time.”

Attended Training 4/26/2017

“From the first phone call with our inquiries to the end of training this company was awesome! I would highly recommend them.”

Attended Training 4/26/2017

“TWN is top notch in cutting edge Hydrographics. The hands-on training is highly recommended and the entire staff is awesome to work with.”

Billy and Chris
Attended Training 4/21/2017

“We appreciate the warm welcome we received. Your training classes were very informative and helpful. We are thankful for all the attention and excellent customer service.”

Jose and Eduardo
Attended Training 4/19/2017

“I had a great experience with TWN, they had the training that matched my needs and made me feel like part of the company. The staff was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The customer experience exceeded my expectations!”


“After messing around on YouTube trying to learn how to do Water Transfer Printing, my girlfriend Jen and I pulled the trigger and went to learn from the best. After one day of training, we know more now than we did in 6 months of faking it.”


“Thank you again for the enjoyable couple days of training! The knowledge base Louis has is priceless! His patience, PowerPoint and examples of how to process items prior to us processing allowed for multiple methods of learning to occur.

Lili and Jeff are passionate about the success of their customers and truly want to see them succeed! They both helped in brainstorming ideas on how to grow the business with the sky being the limit. Lili did a great job with academics! She genuinely cares not only about the well-being and comfort of students but the ease of order and comprehension.

Pros: Tips Louis gave during practice like extending edges and what will cause prints to distort such as speed and angles.

Could be better: Handouts for students to take home with basic steps, conversion tables, general guidance on care/use of equipment.

Thank you again for the fun week and hospitality, we had a wonderful time!”


“During my recent trip to TWN for training, I gained lots of useful knowledge that I will apply to my new business. The team that I had the pleasure of working with while training was very nice and helpful with all of my questions and concerns about hydrographics. Melissa has guided me through every step of the process and become my go to with all questions. I would highly recommend training at TWN for anyone interested in hydrographics whether for business or pleasure.”

Thanks again!


“I recently attended the training class offered by TWN Industries and wanted to share my great experience.

I was four months into a new hydrographic business for myself, and I would run into snags and routine problems from clarity issues to repair work. Tammi gave me advice on what may be the source of the issues and advise me about the training course that they offered to clients so I decided it was time if I wanted to be successful. She was always available to answer my questions and offer a solution.

After arriving at TWN, I felt very welcomed by a professional and motivated staff that wanted to teach and share their experiences and knowledge. I could tell immediately that this company invests a lot in their training and development team and loves what they do. The training technician even allowed me to bring my spray gun setup and use to test during training. I immediately picked up on where my issues and mistakes were coming from.

We want to thank everyone from the sales associates to the training technicians for the opportunity to be a part of the outstanding service and training that you have provided me with so that we may be successful as well. Special thank you to Tammi, Melissa, and Louie for spending countless times answering all my questions and concerns and giving me a solid understanding of where I needed to improve with constructive feedback.

I am happy to announce after the first day of arriving back to our shop I noticed immediate results that really put a smile on my face. I used methods taught by Louie and sprayed activator provided and clarity issue was no longer there and Items were now crisper and images were solid! Now I spend more time on quality dipping than I am repairing my mistakes which makes product turnaround even faster with better results.

I look forward to my relationship with TWN services and products. Thank you for the experience and great customer service that you have provided us.”


“I wish to thank TWN Industries for the training my son and I received. From the very beginning, starting with the phone calls to the very end as we left the shop, each and every employee had a smile and a very pleasant attitude. This was a great learning experience and also a fun time. Thank you for everything.”

David & Shawn

“This is, hands down, the most professional organization I have ever been affiliated with!  At first contact, I spoke with Tammi and she was a tremendous help! She helped me pick out the essentials for getting into the hydrographics industry without making it feel like she was a salesman just trying to sell me everything. She is very fast in her email response and is never too busy to answer a phone call! I know all of the other staff are just as professional, but Tammi has set the standard.

Upon arriving at the facility for training, I was greeted by every single employee that walked by. This makes going into unfamiliar places very comforting. Even the owner comes out to the shop just to say hello. They really made it feel as if you were already a friend.

The knowledge of the staff at TWN is unparalleled! No matter what their position at TWN, chances are they can answer almost any processing question you have. I was, and still am, blown away by the employees’ willingness to go out of their way to ensure your success. As long as I am in the Hydrographics industry, TWN will be the only company I buy from.”


“Prior to attending TWN’s training, I was under the impression we had a good grasp on the dipping process. We were sorely mistaken! The information TWN provided and the hands-on training was top-notch and presented in a professional and easy to understand format. We feel confident that this training will set us apart from our competitors and confident that should the need arise, our account rep will always be available to offer the assistance we need.”


“We would like to thank TWN for their exceptional customer service, shipping times and extreme knowledge of their products and the process of water immersion printing.  As a new business starting out it, has been a pleasure to use your products as they are of the highest quality as compared to others that we have tried.  We look forward to having a long lasting working relationship with TWN.”

Heather & Reggie

“We enjoyed your hospitality and training very much while at your facility. The training was top notch and very impressive not to mention the knowledge that you and the staff passed on to us. thank you again and look forward to doing business in the future.”


“Everyone’s willingness to help us in any way possible during our visit was unbelievable. Thank you for spending time with us to go over our film selection and give us advice on different patterns and products. It is nice to know that when you call to place an order, your sales person is trained in the process and understands first hand what is going on instead of simply answering the phone. Your training staff was great to work with and made sure they answered any questions we had. We had a blast working with Louie and he always made sure to explain the reason for each technique we were taught.

Without a doubt, TWN has worked hard to become the greatest training resource available to anyone in this industry looking to improve their abilities and the quality of their work. Our training was much more than expected and with over ninety percent of our time spent hands on, I would describe it as more of a hydrographics boot camp than training. I feel that we are in no way experts at this point, but that we have been given a solid foundation of correct techniques for decorating items in our shop. The “trade secrets” that we learned in two days will definitely help us avoid costly mistakes and allow us to offer a higher quality end product to our customers.

We are completely satisfied with our decision to go with TWN for our training and new tank over the other companies we considered and feel that we could not have received this level of training in one session with any of the other companies we looked into.

We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in the industry.”


“We were absolutely thrilled with the level of training and hospitality you and your co-workers provided. I can honestly say I am so satisfied and proud to be part of the TWN process and will value our certification by providing quality work. We will be sure to represent any products to your level of expectation.”


“It was a pleasure meeting [Tammi] in person and she was every bit as helpful in person. My dad and I both really enjoyed the training and learned a lot. Louis was super helpful and took the time to really show the group how the whole process was done. He also had no problems getting different films for us all to try out and showing us tips and tricks for each type of film. Everyone at TWN was a pleasure meeting and more than accommodating.”

Iain and John

“We have been associated with TWN Industries for several years now, from the very beginning when we decided to use TWN Industries for the purchase of our equipment and training, they have gone beyond the typical customer service. When I went to Florida for the training they met me at the Airport and took me to my hotel since I was not familiar with the setting that I was in. Each day they would arrive to take me to the training days and at the end of the day they took me back to my hotel, but not before we dined and we discussed the training I received every day. When I got back to my business from the training they were there by telephone or email to assist me when I had any problems or issues.

The real world kicks in when their very knowledgeable staff aren’t by your side and you are actually doing the hands-on work. TWN has been there for me when I had difficulty with another film maker and they took it upon themselves to analyze the situation and did numerous testing to get the results I was needing. They let me know all the outcomes and how it could be resolved. Again this not being their own film, they again showed me that they are truly customer service oriented. All of the staff that I call are very knowledgeable about all aspects of the water transfer printing business. I would highly recommend using TWN for your training, film, supplies and equipment.”


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