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Automated Water Transfer Printing System – Manufacturing

Automated Water Transfer Printing System – Ballistic Helmets

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Entry-Level Activator Spray System

TWN’s all-new entry-level automatic activator spray system is the perfect system for automated activation. Our system streamlines the hydrographics process, improves quality, and reduces redos. All at an affordable price. This system was designed to give your small business a competitive edge.


How To Flame Treat Raw Plastic

In this video, we demonstrate how to proper flame treat and ATV hood prior to the Water Transfer Printing process. This will help the paint bond to the substrate. This is particularly needed for Polyethelyne and other raw plastics. Next, apply a primer, base coat paint, then process the part in our library of over 400 hydrographic films.


Infrared Curing (Hydrographics)

TWN demonstrates how to use our infrared curing system to significantly shorten the drying time of our base coat paint. This allows you to reduce wait time and reduce turnaround time in both small and large production shops.

Dipping (Hydrographics)

Decorating an ATV Hood Using a Dipping Arm (Water Transfer Printing)

TWN demonstrates how to dip large 3-dimensional products like ATV hoods using our automated production arm. This ATV was decorated using our Next Camo Vista hydrographic film.

How To Use Phantom Flame Water Transfer Printing Film

TWN demonstrates how to apply WTP-813 Phantom Flame hydrographic film to a gunstock. Phantom Flame was designed to give you a realistic airbrushed look with minimal time and skill required. The pattern has a left and right side which allows you to wrap the desired object uniformly on both sides. This is perfect for motorcycle gas tanks, helmets, and other round objects.

For this tutorial, we used a green metallic base coat (Shamrock Metallic). We recommend using any vibrant metallic paint from Poseidon Paint Systems to really bring out our Phantom Flame pattern.

How to Use 5-Alarm & Helios Water Transfer Printing Film

In this video, we demonstrate how to use our new fire-inspired hydrographic film patterns: WTP-810 Helios and WTP-815 5-Alarm. The new patterns are used in conjunction with WTP-380 Next Camo Vista to dip a Ski-Doo fender assembly.

Clear Coat

How To Spray Clear Coat (Hydrographics)

In the following video, we demonstrate how to apply a clear coat after the Water Transfer Printing process is complete. This top coat can vary in sheen and increases UV resistance and protects against abrasion. Check out our high-performance clear coats and apply them to your own projects!