OEM Consulting

As a manufacturer, quality control is key. Unfortunately, there are times when certain aspects of your business have to be outsourced. However, with our OEM implementation program, we will guide you through the entire Water Transfer Printing process. This will allow you to decorate your products at your facility, increasing quality, and decreasing shipping costs.

Our team of seasoned Water Transfer Printing professionals will make the implementation process a seamless one. The ability to maintain a close eye on your product’s production will ensure greater control of production cycles, labor costs, and quality control.

OEM Implementation

For over 20 years TWN has provided program management and engineered decorating solutions to OEM manufacturers worldwide.  We help to establish complete “Concept to Production” decorating cycles for the automotive, off-road, motorcycle, ATV-UTV, sporting goods, consumer product, architectural, eyewear, marine, medical equipment, and many other industries. The solutions include internal decorating strategies or external contract decorating services throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan and many other countries.

Water Transfer Printing Process Flow

We will walk you through the entire process from pattern selection to finished goods and provide lab decorated samples for visual or laboratory destructive testing. We understand that different markets exert unique effects on a decorated product. To guarantee successful and lasting Water Transfer Printing application, careful attention must be given to the manufactured substrate, the coatings specification and Water Transfer Printing process flow. Our team will help you to develop a robust process and a finish that will stand up to the environment and can be validated through third party ASTM testing.

TWN Certified OEM Facilities

Consulting with TWN certified professionals regarding large scale Water Transfer Printing operations and developing specifications for your product that adhere to industry standards is the best way to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness. Please reach out to us if you are looking to bring Water Transfer Printing in-house or are looking to work with one of our TWN Certified OEM Water Transfer Printing facilities.