WTP-628 Kryptek Yeti

Kryptek® Yeti™ provides concealment when cover is only found in subtle creases of the snow pack. Kryptek® Yeti™ is a full-scale version that features white coloration with gray accents and blends perfectly in alpine environments where the vegetation is covering by a blanket of white snow.

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“When Shadows Are Not Enough.” Kryptek® camouflage patterns provide a tactical advantage to the operator by reducing visual acquisition through the combination of proven camouflage concepts, scientific principles and field testing.

Kryptek® patterns incorporate proven principles of visual deception based on mimicry of foliage, animal, marine and geographic visual qualities. These principles have been combined with evolutionary concepts and fused with state-of-the-art technology to offer an effective concealment system in a multitude of environments.

Base Coat: E30W0042AK-YETI-KOG
Top Coat: Customer Preference
Activator: NJM2010SPC
Temperature: 32° – 33° C
Film Width: 100cm

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