Hydrographics for Manufacturing

Want to decorate your products? We provide turnkey decorating solutions to manufacturing clients around the world.

Water Transfer Printing at Scale

TWN is the worldwide leader in Water Transfer Printing coatings. Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in the Water Transfer Printing industry. We assist manufacturing companies and global brands in deploying hydrographics decorating programs at any scale. With processors around the world, we can help you decorate your hard goods no matter where your product is manufactured.

Services We Provide

Hydrographics Project Analysis

  1. Project review: present proof of concept.
  2. Feasibility: decorate visual prototypes in our lab.
  3. Decorating specifications: expected durability/destructive testing.
  4. Marketing and design collaboration: determine a pattern based on industry trends.
  5. Functional prototypes: processing of finished goods for marketing and sales presentations.
  6. Business case development: based on project scope, its components, and their volumes, we can help you determine whether to outsource decoration or process internally.

Internal Process Planning

  1. Planning: develop timeline and production schedule.
  2. Layouts and utility integration: improve efficiency and throughput with the proper process flow.
  3. Materials storage: determine proper storage conditions and location.
  4. Equipment selection: recommend manual or fully automated equipment solutions.
  5. Environmental compliance: consider OSHA regulations.
  6. Personnel evaluation: attend hydrographics training in Miami, FL.

Manufacturing Startup Support

  1. Process flow: educate you on process timing to reduce bottlenecks.
  2. Fixture design: assist in developing fixtures to increase yields and improve quality.
  3. PFEMAProcess Failure Mode and Effect Analysis - problem-solving & troubleshooting.
  4. PPAP: Pre-Production Approval Process - boundary samples and yield analysis.
  5. Process launch: deploy processing to live production environment.
  6. Ongoing support: assist with quality control and new project deployments.

Outsourcing & Project Deployment

  1. Select decorating vendor: facilitate a relationship with high-volume processing facilities.
  2. Obtain quotes: obtain samples and quotes from decorating vendors.
  3. Ongoing consulting: Assist SQE during PPAP and provide ongoing consultative support.
  4. Quarterly reviews: review pattern performance with product development and marketing, refresh looks as required.

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