WTP-756 Next Camo G2

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Next Camo G2 is the widest format traditional leaf and limb camouflage on the market. This pattern features a well-balanced mix of non-directional elements which allow it to perform in a wider range of terrain and disguise the obvious repeat present in many vertical camouflage patterns. Next G2 enhances the forced perspective and detail creating an even greater perception of depth within the pattern.

The super-wide repeat format pioneered by Next Camo, makes G2 the ultimate solution for larger scale items like ground blinds and vehicle graphics where too much repeatability can often present problems. The larger repeat also presents a more fluid appearance on smaller items like ATV body panels, bows, bows, and firearms.

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Next Camo has pioneered the wide repeatable area in Next Camo G2 camouflage to make the pattern more natural and effective when applied to larger objects like ground blinds and vehicles. Next Camo has also improved the perspective, detail, and depth within the pattern.

Base Coat: E30CW00001AK-G2-NC
Top Coat: Customer Preference
Activator: NJM2010SPC
Temperature: 32° – 33° C
Film Width: 100cmm

1 review for WTP-756 Next Camo G2

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  1. Next Camo G2 is one of my favorite camo patterns to use.

    • Thanks for your review, Matt! It means a lot to our team that you enjoy using our Next Camo G2 pattern!

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