WTP-743 One Nation Midnight


One Nation Midnight™ is a black and white version of our One Nation Traditional™ Water Transfer Printing film. The pattern was designed to resemble a classic black and white photograph. The contrast between the light and dark shadows adds a new dimension to our nation’s flag.

  • 100 cm
  • 3-meter Accessory Pack
  • 15-meter Accessory Pack

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One Nation Midnight™ is a photo-realistic American flag pattern that was developed by our resident artists at TWN. The pattern features realistic textures and depth. This pattern has been desaturated of all color, which gives it a classic black and white appeal.

Base Coat: E30W0042AK-ONM-TWN
Top Coat: Customer Preference
Activator: NJM2010SPC
Temperature: 32° – 33° C
Film Width: 100cm


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