WTP-910 Architectural Lavish Oak


Architectural Lavish Oak is a luxurious straight grain pattern with beautiful brown tones, an extravagant grain structure, and unmatched personality.

  • 100 cm
  • 3-meter Accessory Pack
  • 15-meter Accessory Pack
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You Will Need:

Activator: 3-3502 - Quart

3-3502 activator is a proprietary blend of solvents that are specifically engineered to catalyze the inks in our films. 3-3502 provides superior activation for wood grains and other designer patterns.


Architectural Lavish Oak Water Transfer Printing film features a gorgeous straight grain pattern with high contrast. This pattern, like all the patterns in our Architectural Collection, has a real-world scale and is designed to be used on interior design elements like paper towel holders, soap dispensers, furniture accents, wastebaskets, and more.

Base Coat: Fall Tan
Top Coat: Customer Preference
Activator: 3502
Temperature: 32° – 33° C
Film Width: 100cm


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