CCI Aliphatic Hardener – Pint

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CCI Aliphatic Hardener works with CCI paints and clear coats to catalyze and harden paints within 24 hours. This adds durability and is required for proper application. Mix at a 13:1 mix ratio.

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CCI Hardener works with our CCI paint products and acts as a catalyst to harden paints. Add it to CCI paints and clears at a 13 to 1 mix ratio. Available in pint, quart, and gallon sizes.

Use part # M59CO112 when ordering.

Size: 16 oz

8 reviews for CCI Aliphatic Hardener – Pint

  1. Not necessarily needed, but does give you a faster cure time, within 24hrs you have a finished product fully cured and ready for go!

  2. Packaging was on point and the offset lid made suring this product to the right amount a breeze. We look forward to ordering more in the next few weeks.

  3. Great Hardener for CCI products and price is Good

  4. Works well

  5. works as it should

    • Thanks for your feedback, John! :)

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