Poseidon Paint Systems

In the depths of the world’s most daunting oceans, resides a power beyond your wildest dreams. Today that ancient power is unleashed. Poseidon Paint Systems is an innovative automotive-grade paint system that was forged by the god of sea himself. Poseidon is the next era of automotive coatings, featuring enhanced UV stability, gloss retention, and ease of application. Now you can harness the power of Poseidon with our full line of ready-to-spray solid, metallic, and pearl paints and primers.

From primer to paint to clear coat, each Poseidon product features chemistry that works together to give you a coating that is worthy of a god.

  1. Automotive Grade
  2. Superior UV Stable Pigments
  3. 72 Hour Dip Window
  4. Unlimited Pot Life
  5. Ready to Spray
  6. Exceptional Coverage
  7. Specifically Designed for Water Transfer Printing

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