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GO Wild Camo® was born from a lifetime of experience and experimentation. As professional outdoorsman, camouflage clothing has been a part of our lives for over 30 years. Like you, we are hunters, in our core, our DNA. We applied the same passion for pursuit to develop the world's most effective concealment systems.

GO Wild Camo Science

Through the application of vision and wildlife sciences and 3 proprietary algorithms, we have developed the concept of Interstitial-Mimesis™, the science of becoming the void between structures. Our patterns give hunters the edge to close the distance for the hunt of a lifetime.

Professional Endorsements

GO Wild Camo has been endorsed by many hunters, including professional NFL players like Ben Roethlisberger, Jared Goff, Jeff Hostetler, and Steve Bartkowski.

Go Wild Camo has multiple patterns worn by professional hunters and guides around the world. GO Wild has also partnered with Ruger to bring their camouflage patterns to hard goods.

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Rifle Dipped in GO Wild Camo I-M Brush Water Transfer Printing Film

GO Wild Camo Patterns

Learn More About GO Wild Camo

Learn the History, Science, and Team behind Go Wild Camo. We dive deep into the technical aspects of GO Wild I-M Brush including the pattern algorithm, types of hunting, optimal environments, as well as popular applications on hard goods.