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Camouflage companies continue to strive to be the best in concealment. After all, that is the purpose of camo, right? Think about this, how many items do you have that are camo and never seen in the woods? Camo isn’t used just to blend in anymore, it is used to make a bold lifestyle statement.

Welcome to the new attitude of camouflage! Moon Shine Camo mimics extreme terrain, while expressing your attitude-driven lifestyle. Why coat commodities with traditional camo, when you can use camo with devoted expression? Stop hiding. We are outdoors men...let it be known!

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The Original Lifestyle Camo®

The idea to make bold, bright camouflage patterns was so vastly different, that it created an entire niche within the market now known as Lifestyle Camo®. Our camouflages are designed to make you stand out in a crowd, they are meant for the times when you are at the grocery store, at a high school football game, or at a cook out with family and friends.

For years’ outdoorsman have worn camouflage to do the exact opposite of what it is designed to do. To announce to the world that they love the outdoors. That’s why we created Moon Shine Camo. Our patterns are born to stand out!

Travis Mattern
Founder of Moon Shine Camo

Moon Shine Camo & TWN Industries

Since the release of Muddy Girl, TWN Industries has been working with Moon Shine Camo to bring their edgy camouflage patterns to hard goods. Throughout the years, manufacturers and after-market processors have been able to apply these bold patterns to their products and stand out from the competition.

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Rifle Dipped in Muddy Girl Serenity Water Transfer Printing Film
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Introducing Muddy Girl Serenity™

Moon Shine Camo launched Muddy Girl Serenity™ at the ATA show in January of 2017. It is a new women's camouflage that complements the existing Muddy Girl line. Serenity™ features gold accents in the leaves that break up the turquoise background and give the pattern more personality.

Latest Moon Shine Camo News

  • WTP-923 Muddy Girl Serenity Reduced Hydrographic Film

    Moon Shine Camo Launches New Reduced Patterns

    TWN, Moon Shine Camo & Ruger team up to produce reduced versions of Muddy Girl Serenity, Harvest Moon, Toxic, and Undertow. These provide enhanced detail when dipping smaller items like Ruger handguns.

  • WTP-889 Muddy Girl Serenity Hydrographic Film

    An Inside Look at Muddy Girl Serenity

    TWN partners with Moon Shine Camo to develop a Muddy Girl Serenity Water Transfer Printing film. This lively design represents popular Spring/Summer fashion trends. Get a "Behind the Scenes" look at the new Serenity pattern.

  • Moon Shine Toxic and Undertow Hydrographic Film

    Moon Shine Camo Releases Toxic & Undertow

    TWN develops Toxic, the first neon green camouflage that embodies the uniqueness of the Moon Shine Camo brand. Undertow is a new aquatic camo. Perfect for giving the lifestyle look to bow fishing gear and coolers.