Poseidon Paint: 1K Epoxy Primer – Gray

Our 1K Epoxy Primer (Gray) by Poseidon Paint Systems is formulated to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. This epoxy primer does not require a hardener, catalyst, or activator. It is ready-to-spray right out of the can. Our 1K Epoxy Primer works hand in hand with our Poseidon base coat paints to create a stable, layered paint structure.

For use on wood, metal, glass, plastic (even polypropylene), vinyl, and fiberglass.

Pro Tip: If you are painting raw, untreated plastic, you need to use our Raw Plastic Adhesion Promoter first, let it flash off, then apply our 1K Epoxy Primer.


For any coating, the foundation is the most critical step in the process. Our 1K Epoxy Primer (Gray) has been engineered to ensure you get a high performance, long-term foundation. From primer to paint to clear coat, each Poseidon product features chemistry that works together to give you a coating that is worthy of a god.

Application Instructions: 1k Epoxy Primer – Gray

  1. Prep surface: Sand with 400-600 grit sandpaper & wipe down
  2. Stir & pour into your spray gun
  3. Apply a regular even coat to cover
  4. Dry time: 30 minutes at ambient temperature
  5. Painting window: 1 day