Virtus Hydro Dipping Film

Virtus Outdoor Group is a high-octane adventure apparel company that was founded by 3 hardcore military veterans. Virtus has an incredibly unique and stylish approach to concealment.

Old-world armor meets new-world tech. Our Virtus hydrographic films are built for today’s warrior. We have 5 innovative colorations that will take your projects to the next level.

Virtus TARIIS is a multi-terrain camouflage that is the “go-to” concealment solution for operators traversing multiple landscapes. Virtus NYX is a tactical camouflage designed for low-light conditions where stealth is crucial. Virtus EKHO is an urban camouflage that utilizes gray coloration to conceal the user in demolished concrete battlegrounds. Virtus TALOS features a high-energy red coloration that is used by extreme athletes around to globe. Finally, Virtus DELOS is an aquatic camouflage with deep blue coloration designed for water sports such as spearfishing and scuba diving.

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