Carbon Fiber Hydro Dipped Corvette Engine Cover - SEMA 2018
TWN Industries Attends SEMA 2018

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What is Water Transfer Printing?

Water Transfer Printing is a surface coating process that allows you to apply high-definition graphics onto complex 3-dimensional objects.

Our Water Transfer Printing technology is used to process car dashboards in luxurious wood grains, custom wheels in intricate designer patterns, engine components in realistic carbon fiber designs, and much more.

About TWN Industries

TWN Industries, Inc. is the pioneer of Water Transfer Printing technology. For over 20 years we have developed and streamlined our Water Transfer Printing process to help automotive manufactures, auto body shops and other businesses gain a competitive advantage through our surface coating technology.

We provide the materials, equipment, and training needed to successfully process parts using our Water Transfer Printing process. We also have a network of over 1,400 TWN Certified companies who process parts for sale.

Hydro Dipped Carbon Fiber ABS Fairing SEMA 2018

Transform Your Products with Sport Carbon™.

Sport Carbon™ is our newest Carbon Fiber Water Transfer Printing film. Sport Carbon provides an incredibly realistic carbon fiber aesthetic without the cost of real carbon fiber.

Sport Carbon

Water Transfer Printing Training

Our TWN Certification Program is a 2-day hands-on program that will teach you all aspects of our Water Transfer Printing process. After completion, you will receive a Master Decorator License from TWN Industries and be able to process parts in your facility efficiently and effectively.

Hydrographics Training

Entry Level Equipment & Training


Our Entry-Level Processing System & Training Program will set you up for success in the Water Transfer Printing industry. Our entry–level system was built to the same specifications as our large, production-level equipment. Our system is a workhorse and sets the standard in reliability, consistency, and affordability.

Equipment Includes:

  • Entry-level processing system: $2,900 Value
  • 2-day professional training & certification: $2,000 Value
  • Film ring with over 400 Water Transfer Printing patterns: $200 Value
  • Continuous support from certified professionals: Priceless
Entry-Level Water Transfer Printing Equipment

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