WTP-940 Sport Carbon

Sport Carbon™ is a shockingly realistic carbon fiber hydro dipping film with a perfect balance of interlocking weave elements and smooth gradients. Sport Carbon looks like genuine carbon fiber, especially when our 15% sheen clear coat is applied over it.

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Sport Carbon embodies ingenuity and performance. This carbon fiber Water Transfer Printing film is used in high-end automobiles and supercars. The pattern exhibits a sporty aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye on the road, at a car show, and in your driveway. When applied, Sport Carbon creates a depth of field that is almost identical to real carbon fiber reinforced polymer. If you are looking for a truly realistic carbon fiber hydro dipping film for your project, look no further than Sport Carbon™.

Sport Carbon is being released just in time for SEMA 2017! We will be debuting Sport Carbon on a Harley fairing, Cor wheel, and Corvette C7 engine cover at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas from October 31st to November 3rd, 2017. Be sure to come by Booth #12485 if you want to check out these remarkable pieces.

Base Coat: Customer Preference
Top Coat: Customer Preference
Activator: 3502
Temperature: 32˚- 33˚ C
Film Width: 100cm

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