CCI Semi-Gloss Clear Coat (10-15% Gloss)

Introducing the ultimate semi-gloss clear coat for sporting goods items brought you by CCI Finishworks. Provides a durable exterior coating on firearms, compound bows, and other outdoor hunting gear/accessories. Gloss level = 10-15%.

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This semi-gloss clear coat was specifically designed for synthetic rifle stocks and other textured surfaces. It is regularly used by major manufacturers of these products due to its reliability, ease-of-use, and ability to adhere to textured surfaces. CCI clear coats require aliphatic hardener mixed in a 13:1 ratio.

Products needed:

  1. Aliphatic Hardener is a special catalyst that is mixed with a 13:1 mixing ratio – 13 parts paint to 1 part aliphatic hardener.
  2. 13:1 Mixing Cups are custom-made to provide the optimal catalyst to paint mixing ratio.


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