CCI Paint: WTP-822 Undertow

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This CCI hydrographic paint is the ONLY base coat paint that has been approved by the pattern owner. This paint was designed to be used with WTP-822 Undertow. Our CCI paints are specifically formulated for our Water Transfer Printing process and provide excellent adhesion and durability on sporting goods items.

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CCI paint is a 2-part base coat paint that was developed specifically for use on firearms, compound bows, and other outdoor hunting gear/accessories. It is regularly used by major manufacturers of these products due to its reliability, ease-of-use, and ability to adhere to textured surfaces. The aliphatic hardener that is mixed with our CCI base coat paints has a delayed curing time which allows you to process your item up to 24 hours after painting.

Products needed:

  1. Aliphatic Hardener is a special catalyst that is mixed with a 13:1 mixing ratio – 13 parts paint to 1 part aliphatic hardener.
  2. Polypropelyne Primer is used when applying to certain types of plastics. (Teflon, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene)
  3. 13:1 Mixing Cups are custom-made to provide the optimal catalyst to paint mixing ratio.

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    Happy with the paint, works as expected.

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