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Wonrate Camouflage Company

About Wonrate Gear

Wonrate Gear is an innovative camouflage company based in Elko, Nevada that was born from family, sustenance, and a love for hunting. Joel Williams, the creator of Wonrate, drew inspiration from his daughter, Vayel, when he first saw her electrocardiogram (EKG) wave on the hospital monitor.

This led Williams to design one of the most groundbreaking and distinct camouflages on the market.

Wonrate Camouflage Technology

The technology behind Wonrate Gear is the first of its kind. Wonrate’s patent-pending design process utilizes an electrocardiogram waveform to create jagged edges and lines that distort the user’s outline, confuse prey, and mimic the natural depth/texture of the surrounding environment.

Since Wonrate is based in Nevada, the team is constantly confronted with the opportunity to test the effectiveness of their camouflage and the versatility of their hunting apparel.

Customize Your Gear in Wonrate Vayel

Rifle Dipped in Wonrate Gear Water Transfer Printing Film

Dip Your Gear in Wonrate Vayel

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Unique Coloration & Optimal Environments

Wonrate’s carefully selected color palette features 8 colorations that work cohesively to replicate surrounding terrain, lighting, and shadowing. Through extensive testing, Wonrate has devised a color palette that works extremely well in the western states of the U.S. as well as in arid environments around the world.

Wonrate Vayel Water Transfer Printing Film

Learn More About Wonrate Gear

Want to learn more about the release of our Wonrate Gear Water Transfer Printing film? We take a deeper dive into the Wonrate brand and the one-of-a-kind camouflage that has everyone talking.