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TWN Releases Wonrate Vayel Water Transfer Film

WTP-946 Wonrate Gear Hydrographic Film

TWN Industries is excited to announce the launch of Wonrate Vayel, a collaboration with Wonrate Gear. This family brand has developed a distinct camouflage pattern inspired by the natural frequency of the heartbeat. The pattern features layered lines and jagged angles to create depth and texture. All of the design elements combined help confuse prey and mimic pattern repetition found in nature.

The Inspiration Behind Wonrate Vayel

Wonrate Gear: Vayel Pattern
The Wonrate Vayel pattern was designed using the EKG signatures of the founder’s daughter, Vayel.

This pattern is a concept that came from the heart. The owner of Wonrate, Joel Williams, found inspiration in his young daughter, Vayel. When he first saw Vayel’s electrocardiogram (EKG) waves on the hospital monitor, he immediately received inspiration for a new camouflage design. This also lead to the creation of the new brand called Wonrate Gear.

How Wonrate Vayel Came to Be

Wonrate Vayel Dipped Rifle by Wonrate Gear
Wonrate Gear hunting gear and dipped rifle render this hunter virtually undetectable.

Williams spent hundreds of hours developing Wonrate Vayel. The last step in finalizing this patented design was to establish the ideal color collection. Wonrate continuously tested, adjusted, and often started over from scratch, during this selection process. Each color is expertly placed with perfect location and tone to give Wonrate Vayel the balance it deserves.

Wonrate also understood that successful patterns depend on their results in the field, not just in its aesthetic. Thus, thousands upon thousands of miles were driven, where dozens of landscapes and mountain tops were traversed, all with the goal to test the right color schemes. It proved worth the effort and resulted in Wonrate Vayel’s well-suited 8-layer color scheme.

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The Technology Behind Wonrate Vayel

Hoyt Compound Bow Dipped in Wonrate Vayel Camouflage
Wonrate’s versatile color palette makes it effective in all types of environments including high deserts.

Wonrate’s patent-pending process uses the natural waveforms produced by the heart to create an innovative camouflage that is revolutionary by design.

This new system of camouflage distorts the visual senses, creates false shadowing effects, and confuses the eye. The theory for this design lies within nature. Natural patterns repeat on both a micro and macro level, from the bark on a tree to the sagebrush of the high desert. These recurring patterns are much like the distinct wave-forms produced by the rhythm of a beating heart. Using this new concept, Wonrate has created a camouflage pattern that simply melts into the landscape.

About Wonrate Gear

Wonrate Gear: Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs
Wonrate Gear supports the Nevada Outdoorsmen in Wheelchairs by taking them on hunting trips.

Wonrate Gear was born from a set of core values. Family, sustenance and a love for hunting are values that almost every hunter shares and identifies with. These values act as the foundation for the Wonrate Gear business model. Though hard work and dedication created Wonrate Gear, they recognize that family can be the difference between a success and a failure.

They consider “the physical exhaustion, the blood, sweat, and tears, the demands of the hunt,” all as essential elements of the brand. Wonrate Vayel camouflage is more than a pattern; it is a statement, and it sends a message to all those who wear it. Wonrate Gear hopes not only to conceal hunters in the field but also, to inspire them from within.

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