WTP-946 Wonrate Vayel


Wonrate Vayel is a distinct, high-contrast desert pattern that was developed by Wonrate Gear. The pattern was crafted using the shapes of an electrocardiogram (EKG) signature. This provides great “break-up” and gives the pattern an incredibly unique aesthetic.

What to see Wonrate Gear in action? Check out our Wonrate Gear brand page! Also, learn more about the team behind Wonrate Gear in our press release: TWN Launches Wonrate Vayel Water Transfer Film.

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Wonrate Gear features a patent-pending design methodology that uses the natural waveforms produced by the heart to create a balanced camouflage pattern. Our Wonrate Vayel hydrographic film distorts the visual senses, creates false shadows, and confuses the eye.

Wonrate Gear has extensively tested their Vayel pattern for the right mixture of colors that work together to conceal the user in the surrounding environment. Wonrate’s 8-layer color scheme blends seamlessly with sagebrush landscapes and is optimized for concealment in the high desert of the Great Basin.

Base Coat: Wonrate Vayel Base Coat
Top Coat: Dead Flat
Activator: NJM2010SPC
Temperature: 32˚- 33˚ C
Film Width: 100cm


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