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TWN Launches 2 All-New “Battle Worn” American Flag Hydro Dip Films

Battle Worn Color American Flag Hydro Dip Film

Say ‘hello” to Battle Worn, the ultimate stenciled American Flag hydro dip film for rifle stocks, handguns, compound bows, and more! This all-new American Flag Water Transfer Printing film comes in two colorations – WTP-1079 Battle Worn (Color) and WTP-1080 Battle Worn (Black & Clear).

Battle Worn (Color) is designed to be applied over a white base coat to highlight the vibrant blues and reds in the pattern. On the other hand, Battle Worn (Black & Clear) is designed to be applied over custom colors. We recommend using it with gray colors like Dark Ash or tan colors like Sand.

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Video: How to Dip with Battle Worn

Dipping with Battle Worn is easier than ever. Simply spray your desired base coat color and dip your item in Battle Worn. Our high-quality PVA and inks do the work for you to retain clean, crisp stars and stripes. Pro Tip: “Double dip” rifle stocks and other items to achieve straight stripes on each side.

Battle Worn Flag Rifle Stocks
WTP-1080 Battle Worn (Black & Clear) is shown on rifle stocks and WTP-1079 Battle Worn (Color) is shown on a speed shape and sample plate.

Say “Goodbye” to Stencils Forever

Battle Worn is a faster, easier, and more repeatable solution to decorating an item in a battle-worn American Flag design. You can decorate any item without using multiple types of stencils and multiple layers of paint.

Want to decorate a rifle stock? How about a handgun? Battle Worn will look great on both! The design features a scale that looks great on large parts and also shows plenty of detail on smaller items like tumblers and compound bows.

WTP-1080 Battle Worn (Black & Clear)

WTP-1080 Battle Worn (Black & Clear) is a black and clear stenciled American Flag that you can use with ANY base coat color. Try using this film over Dark Ash or Sand to create some very unique looks.

WTP-1079 Battle Worn (Color)

WTP-1079 Battle Worn (Color) is a vibrant, full-color stenciled American Flag that looks great on a white base coat.

Dip Your Gear in Battle Worn

Want to customize your favorite firearm? Dip your gear in Battle Worn today! Complete the form on the next page to request a TWN Certified Processor in your area.