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TWN Launches Custom Hydrographic Film Printing

Professional Custom Film Now Available

Do your customers constantly ask for custom hydrographic films? Are you tired of turning them away? Not anymore. Introducing TWN’s all-new digital printing lab. We can print short runs of any pattern quickly and affordably. (Besides copyrighted imagery of course.)

TWN’s digital films (also known as custom films) are a game changer because they allow you to be more agile. You can take on more custom low-volume jobs and give your clients exactly what they want.

Our new digital printing option is a great solution for manufacturers, processors, and consumers.

  1. Manufacturers: You want to apply custom hydrographic film to your products but the volume is not enough to justify cylinder development costs.
  2. Processors: You are a TWN Certified Processor and want to give your customers more pattern options to choose from.
  3. Consumers: You want your items decorated in something unique that no one else has.
TWN Custom Hydrographic Film Printer

Benefits of TWN’s Custom Hydrographic Film

  • Custom patterns at a low cost – Only $30/meter
  • No cylinder development costs
  • High-quality UV stable inks
  • Fast turnaround times
  • User-friendly application
  • Works great with NJM2010SPC activator

Superior Inks + Superior PVA

In the past, the custom film market has been plagued with products that simply don’t work. TWN’s custom hydrographic films have been rigorously tested and have been used on many high-profile projects to date. Our UV-stable ink chemistry works well with our NJM2010SPC activator. Also, our PVA material is easy to handle and has superior wrapping characteristics compared to the generic films that are currently available.

Learn More About TWN’s Custom Films

Don’t turn down another custom film project again. Contact us today to learn about our all-new custom film printing options.

TWN Custom Hydrographic Film Color Matching

Latest Color Matching and Printing Technologies

Have an existing color standard that you need to match? Our print team can match physical color standards like fabric, paper prints, and more. Our state-of-the-art printing press is capable of printing a wide color gamut and utilizes the latest color measurement tools and software available on the market.

Digital Film Vs Production Film

We currently have two options available for printing hydrographic film: production film and digital film. Digital film requires less print time (1-2 days) and a significantly lower order minimum (only 3 meters). This makes it more cost-effective, and perfect for short-run production and prototyping. Production film is our standard and preferred printing process. It is designed for high-volume decorating.

Production Film (High Volume) 

  • Takes 8-12 weeks to produce the film.
  • Cylinder development costs are required up front and vary by pattern.
  • The minimum order for new pattern development is 500 meters.
  • The film is designed for high-volume decorating. No peelable backing.

Digital Film (Low Volume) 

  • Print time is 1-2 days.
  • No cylinder development costs. Can be printed to any length. The cost is $30/meter.
  • The minimum order is only 3 meters.
  • Digital film is designed for low-volume decorating (approx. 50 meters or less). The film has a peelable backing.

How to Submit Your Custom Pattern

Ready to print your custom hydrographic film with TWN? All you need is a print-ready art file that meets the requirements below. If you need help with your file, our pre-press department can assist you.

  • High-resolution file (300 dpi)
  • Repeatable on all 4 sides
  • The file is calibrated to print scale
  • You own the pattern/have commercial rights to distribute the pattern

Print with TWN Industries

Whether you need to print low or high volumes of Water Transfer Printing film. We will be happy to discuss your project and provide the best path forward. Contact us today!