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Revolutionizing Waterfowl Concealment: Introducing Kryptek Flyway Hydrographic Film

Kryptek Flyway Waterfowl Hunting

In the dynamic world of waterfowl hunting, success often hinges on one crucial factor – concealment. Whether you’re nestled in the reeds of a marsh or patiently waiting in a blind, the ability to blend seamlessly with your surroundings is paramount. Recognizing this need for superior concealment, we are thrilled to introduce our latest collaboration with Kryptek – Kryptek Flyway hydrographic film.

Kryptek Flyway Waterfowl Hunting with Dog

Meticulously Crafted for the Hunt

At the heart of Kryptek Flyway lies a commitment to excellence. Meticulously crafted with precision, this waterfowl hydrographic film is designed to elevate your concealment game to new heights. Kryptek’s team of experts has poured countless hours into perfecting a pattern that excels in diverse waterfowl habitats and seasons.

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Kryptek Flyway Hydrographic Film: Behind the Design

The Kryptek Flyway hunting series is the result of a collaboration between Kryptek and waterfowl experts from across North America, combining proven camouflage design processes with in-the-field research and testing.

Kryptek Flyway was designed to enhance concealment at varying ranges in diverse waterfowl habitats and seasons, spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific. By leveraging technology and incorporating the invaluable experience of waterfowl hunting experts, Kryptek Flyway caters to the unique needs and demands of waterfowl hunters.

Kryptek Flyway Deadzone vs Dark Marsh

Kryptek Flyway Deadzone vs Kryptek Flyway Dark Marsh

Kryptek Flyway serves as the ultimate concealment tool across diverse waterfowl hunting environments. Its intricate pattern, inspired by the nuances of natural habitats, ensures optimal blending in marshes, wetlands, lakes, and agricultural fields. The Kryptek Flyway hydrographic film offers a unique feature—two distinct colorations that can be achieved by simply changing the base coat.

Kryptek Flyway’s Deadzone variant, with its light shades of brown and pale yellow, seamlessly conceals hunters amidst dry fields, replicating the play of sunlight on harvested landscapes. In contrast, Kryptek Flyway’s Dark Marsh variant, featuring darker shades of brown and mustard, excels in marshy environments with reeds and cattails. Whether navigating coastal estuaries, riverbanks, or man-made reservoirs, Kryptek Flyway leverages its abstract imagery to break up outlines and shadows, allowing hunters to become indistinguishable from their surroundings.

Dip Your Gear in Kryptek Flyway

Want to elevate your waterfowl hunting? Dip your shotgun, duck calls, and other gear in Kryptek Flyway hydrographic film today! Complete the form on the next page to request a processor in your area.

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Our Mission, Your Success

At the heart of this collaboration is the shared commitment to your success in waterfowl hunting. Partner with TWN Industries and Kryptek to elevate your product’s concealment and ensure every hunting season becomes a triumph for your customers.