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Yeti Colster Hydro Dipped in Monster Camo

Matching our Customers with the Right Processor

Everyone has their short list. We want you to be on ours. Every day we receive inquiries from customers asking us to decorate their items. We take these leads and refer them out to processors who are the right fit for their specific project. If you are doing Water Transfer Printing full time and are eager to work with us to dip our customer’s items then sign up below!
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TWN Launches Poseidon Paint Systems

TWN Launches Poseidon Paint Systems

In the depths of the world’s most daunting oceans, resides a power beyond your wildest dreams. Today that ancient power is unleashed. Introducing Poseidon Paint Systems, TWN’s all-new automotive grade paint system that was forged by the god of the sea himself. Poseidon is the next era of automotive coatings, featuring enhanced UV stability, gloss retention, and ease of application. Now you can harness the power of Poseidon with our full line of ready-to-spray solid, metallic, and pearl paints. Download our Poseidon Price Catalog today to view all of our products and try them for yourself!
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TWN Industries Takes on SEMA 2018


The SEMA Show is only 2 weeks away! If you are involved in the automotive industry, this is the place to be. SEMA 2018 will take place on October 30 through November 2, 2018. TWN will be exhibiting at SEMA to showcase our innovative surface decorating technology called Water Transfer Printing (you may have heard of it). Come by and visit us in the North Hall at booth #12365 to learn how customization through Water Transfer Printing can drive sales for your business!

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TWN Industries Launches New Entry-Level Activator Spray System

1.2 Meter Hydrographics Activation System

We are excited to announce our newest innovation in Hydrographics Equipment. Our all-new 1.2-meter spray system is the perfect entry-level system for automating activation. This system is a smaller, more affordable version of our Production-Level Activator Spray Systems. The same engineering, components, and programming logic were put into this system which gives it an unsurpassed level of quality and consistency.
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Report Knockoff Hydrographic Films

Hydrographics Copyright Infringement

It’s a new year! Which means we need your help to accomplish one of our New Year’s resolutions: stop the purchase and resale of knockoff hydrographic films in the United States. This is a huge task but with your help, we can make a difference. Many popular Water Transfer Printing films are being replicated overseas and shipped to the United States. This is creating an underground market that is depleting both large and small pattern owners of the financial resources they need to run their businesses. The distribution and resale of copyrighted hydrographic films without permission hurts multiple parties: pattern owners, who rely on royalty payments, processors, who are misled into buying low quality films, and customers, who receive an image that is not authentic. Continue reading Report Knockoff Hydrographic Films

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TWN Industries Releases Free App for Android and iPhone

TWN Gallery APP

PRINCETON, FL – August 17, 2015– TWN Industries Inc., the leading Water Transfer Printing supplier, announces the release of its first-ever app. The app was designed as a convenient way for processors to view TWN’s collection of water transfer printing films, along with pertinent technical information for each of the patterns. Continue reading TWN Industries Releases Free App for Android and iPhone

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Stag Arms Now Offering American Flag Rifles

Stag Arms One Nation Vintage

STAG ARMS, one of the world’s largest AR-15 manufacturers, is now adding the American flag (One Nation Pattern) to its specialized coatings on rifles. The American flag coating is currently available on Model 3 and 3L rifles and is applied using a water transfer process known as immersion printing. It produces a very strong and durable coating to the rifle. STAG ARMS marketing manager David Larson said, “Everyone at our factory is proud of the USA and releasing this rifle right around Independence Day is the icing on the cake.” Continue reading Stag Arms Now Offering American Flag Rifles