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TWN Brings New Cutting Edge Camouflage Patterns

WTP-328 Longleaf Camo AT Green Hydrographic Film

Princeton, Florida – October 14, 2010 – TWN’s reputation for delivering the latest trends in camouflage patterns to the marketplace continues to grow even stronger. During the Spring and Fall of 2010, TWN introduced an unprecedented number of new patterns to the industry. Traditional sticks and leaves patterns are a mainstay in the camouflage industry.

Predator Camouflage, the pioneer in open pattern technology announced their new licensing partnership with TWN. “TWN is known in North America, as well as internationally, as leaders in the field of water transfer printing,” said Frank Hood, president of Predator Camouflage. “We know that our patterns, our very brand, will be reproduced exactly as they are designed with TWN involved,” Hood said. TWN now offers all current Predator camo patterns for hard goods decorating and, in the coming month, will offer Predator’s newest pattern “3D Deception.”

Predator 3D Deception™ Water Transfer Printing Film


Additional releases include Longleaf’s new waterfowl pattern Fatal Flight, along with AT Brown and AT Green. For hunters looking for perfect cover in a layout situation, Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ has the perfect blend of earth, cut stalk and hints of green to conceal you in any open-field environment.If your migratory bird, duck or geese hunting location has freshly harvested corn – or your blind location is in this type of environment – Longleaf™ Fatal Flight™ is the perfect camo for you.

Longleaf™ Water Transfer Printing Films


Eagle Custom Graphics introduces their first camo pattern, ECamo. The ECamo artwork concept began in February 2010. The pattern was developed with a collaboration of effort from Eagle Custom Graphics and ongoing feedback from hard core archery enthusiasts. This pattern represents the newest trend in camouflage which veers away from the traditional sticks and leaves look to incorporate and array of deer skulls arranged in an abstract pattern. While there is a prescribed base color that will give you the pattern’s published halftone look, you can decorate with this film over a variety of bright and vivid base colors to obtain custom looks.

ECamo Water Transfer Printing Film


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