WTP-974 Yote


Join the pack with Yote, an insanely realistic coyote fur Water Transfer Printing film that features intense detail and texture. What makes this pattern so unique and coveted? It was developed from photos of Les Johnson’s personal coyote hides.

  • 100 cm
  • 3-meter Accessory Pack
  • 15-meter Accessory Pack

Need a base coat chip?

A base coat chip is a color swatch of the required base coat color.

You Will Need:

Activator: NJM2010SPC - Quart

NJM2010SPC activator is a proprietary blend of solvents that are specifically engineered to catalyze the inks in our films. NJM2010SPC provides superior color retention, maximized adhesion, and ink elasticity.

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Yote consists of short underfur with long coarse guard hairs that are evenly distributed throughout the design that make the pattern look like authentic coyote fur. The patterns color ranges from a reddish brown to light gray with traces of black scattered throughout the design. Yote was created by Thunder Mountain Camouflage, a sister company of ShawNaughty Designz.

Learn more about Yote and check out some epic HOWA precision rifles dipped in Yote in our press release: TWN Launches Coyote Fur Camo “YOTE”


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