Poseidon Paint: WTP-971 Expanse

This Poseidon hydrographic paint is the ONLY base coat paint that has been approved by the pattern owner. This paint was designed to be used with WTP-971 Expanse. Our Poseidon paints are specifically formulated for our Water Transfer Printing process and provide added scratch resistance and UV stability on automotive products and outdoor vehicles like ATV’s.

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Poseidon is automotive-grade base coat paint system that was developed specifically for the Water Transfer Printing Process. Poseidon provides optimal adhesion, scratch resistance, and UV stability for projects that require the added durability. We recommend Poseidon for ATV’s, motorcycle gas tanks, car dashboards, and anything else that will be outside and exposed to the elements.

Products needed:

  1. Poseidon Paint: 1K Epoxy Primer is formulated to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. This epoxy primer does not require a hardener, catalyst, or activator. It is ready-to-spray right out of the can. Our 1K Epoxy Primer works hand in hand with our Poseidon base coat paints to create a stable, layered paint structure.


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