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TWN Launches New Aerospace Paints Approved for Aviation Interiors

Aerospace Paints and Clear Coats

Introducing our all-new line of paint products designed for the aerospace industry. Our aerospace paints, primers, and clear coats are designed for aircraft interior cabins and feature custom flame retardant formulas that pass all required flammability tests.

Benefits of Water Transfer Printing for Aviation Interiors

Water Transfer Printing provides realistic wood grain or stone finishes without adding additional weight to the aircraft. Our high-quality decorating process is also more economical and has faster turnaround times than a full restoration with real wood veneer.

These new aerospace coatings are a game-changer for our aerospace customers because they meet all flammability tests and are compatible with our Water Transfer Printing films. You can use these products to decorate bulkheads, tray tables, side panels, cabinet components, and much more.

Aviation tray tables dipped in our WTP-279 Two-Tone Ash wood grain hydrographic film.

Poseidon Aerospace Epoxy Primer

Poseidon Aerospace Epoxy Primer (Gray) creates a durable bond on wood, metal, glass, plastic (even polypropylene), vinyl, and fiberglass. This epoxy primer has been formulated to be used in aircraft interiors and passes all required flammability tests.

Poseidon Aerospace Base Coat Paint

Poseidon Aerospace Base Coat Paint is an automotive-grade base coat paint that provides excellent durability, adhesion, and colorfastness. Our aerospace base coat paint is available in our existing color formulations and custom color matching is available based on a physical sample or PMS color. This base coat paint has been formulated to be used in aircraft interiors and passes all required flammability tests.

Poseidon Aerospace Clear Coat Kit (High Gloss)

Poseidon Aerospace Clear Coat Kit – High Gloss (90+ Gloss) is a high solids polyurethane clear coat designed for aircraft interiors. This clear coat is very user-friendly on both large and small parts with existing spray equipment and contains a flame retardant formula that passes all required flammability tests.

  • High Distinction of Image
  • Excellent Gloss and Color Retention
  • Custom Flame Retardant Formula
  • High Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Fast Drying – Tack Free in 60 seconds

Flammability Test Results

*** Poseidon Aerospace Epoxy Primer, Poseidon Aerospace Base Coat Paint, and Poseidon Aerospace Clear Coat must be used together to meet flammability requirements. ***

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