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TWN Launches Natural Gear SC2 Green Hydro Dip Film

Natural Gear SC2 Green Hydro Dip Film

TWN has partnered with Natural Gear, a leading camouflage apparel company to develop our all-new Natural Gear SC2 Green hydro dip film. This highly effective photograph-based camouflage contains a layer of moss green that performs in lush green environments especially during spring and early fall hunts.

Why should you decorate your rifle, bow, and other outdoor hunting equipment in Natural Gear? We’re glad you asked. Natural Gear is centered around science, research, and results, with the primary goal to make you more successful on your next hunt. Their patterns utilize soft-edged photographic images of natural elements, true colors of nature, and complex vertical patterns to blend your form into surrounding textures.

Natural Gear focuses on camouflage effectiveness and mimicking the patterns and colors found in your natural environment rather than focusing on the next flashy design trend.

Can you find this hunter wearing Natural Gear camo? We’ll give you a hint, he’s right in front of your face!

The Science Behind Natural Gear

Natural Gear patterns are organic, photograph-based camouflage patterns that feature a soft-edged, open, and shadow-free design that is highly effective for hunting in a wide range of environments.

When developing camouflage patterns, Natural Gear uses a set of laws to guide them in creating the most effective camouflage for a given environment. Check out a few of their laws below.

Law of Change
Mother Nature created laws that remain unchanged. At Natural Gear, we follow them, not the latest merchandising trend.

Law of Definition
Soft, blurry edges are difficult to focus on. Our camouflage patterns intentionally confuse the eye by remaining obscure and non-defined.

Law of Open
Keeping our pattern open and void of distinct, dark objects allows it to blend with the surrounding elements. Nature does it best, we just follow her lead.

Law of Versatility
We use a naturally occurring foundation tone that is clutter-free and nonspecific. Its incredible versatility allows you to use it in nearly all situations.

The moss green overlay in Natural Gear SC2 Green is very effective in concealing your form in a tree stand.

Natural Gear SC2 Green Hydro Dip Film – Behind the Design

Natural Gear SC2 Green features the same vertical orientation as the original Natural Gear pattern with added green elements. The green coloration was created because green leaves and moss are present outdoors year-round, this pattern gives you an edge for the early season fall hunts and really performs in the spring woods.

The Natural Gear SC2 Green camouflage pattern is comprised of a collection of moss green, light green, and black shapes that flow over a stone background. The pattern has a lower resolution which increases its ability to blend with the surrounding terrain.

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Another tough one…can you find this hunter? The Natural Gear SC2 Green conceals his form perfectly in this open field.

About Natural Gear

“At Natural Gear, we understand the passion of the outdoor stage, the grit of hunkering down motionless for hours, and the excitement that comes when hard work and dedication pay off. It’s what we live for, it’s what dominates our minds and what keeps us looking forward to each new season.” – Natural Gear

Natural Gear was started in the early 1990s when two brothers were on a bow hunt in the Mississippi River bottoms of Arkansas wearing the newest camo pattern on the market during that time. Intently hiding in the timber, over forty yards away and twenty feet off the ground, the hunters could still be picked out. Their camo had failed.

It was at that very moment that they decided to create a better camouflage pattern to improve all hunters’ ability to hide. Thus, Natural Gear was born. Learn more about Natural Gear by visiting

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