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TWN Designs Two All-New Modern Wood Grain Patterns

Wood Grain Hydro Dipping Film

Introducing 2 all-new modern wood grain Water Transfer Printing films that were designed for the aviation, marine, and architectural markets. These patterns empower our customers to embrace new design trends that focus on using realistic wood finishes and gray color palettes.

Both Dark Gray Wood and Mahogany were developed in 1-meter wide films. They can be used to coat parts that up to 39″ wide. This makes them the perfect film for larger automotive dashboards, bulkheads in airplane interiors, and even kitchen cabinetry.

WTP-966 Dark Gray Wood

Modern, sleek, elegant. Dark Gray Wood is our newest and most stylish gray wood pattern. The pattern is similar in aesthetic to our Monaco Walnut. However, Dark Gray Wood has more figure detailing and less prominent veins.

WTP-652 Mahogany

Mahogany is a beautiful straight-grained, reddish-brown timber. This film is a realistic rendering of true Mahogany hardwood and can be used to complement cream-colored leather seating in airplanes, conversion vans, and more.

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