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TWN Teams up With Raider Concealment to Launch 2 All-New Patterns

Raider Concealment Viking Universal Hydro Dip Film

After the success of Raider Broadsword, we have teamed up with Raider Concealment once again to launch 2 all-new patterns. Introducing Raider Viking and Raider Universal, two next-gen digital camouflage patterns that feature Raider Concealment’s flagship abstract geometric concealment technology.

Raider Viking

Traditional photo-realistic camouflage patterns are getting tired. Raider Viking is a sophisticated winter camouflage that utilizes advanced digital algorithms to create adaptive pattern geometry. Light gray/white colorways make Raider Viking effective in breaking up the operator’s outline in the dead of winter.

Raider Viking Snow Camo
Winter is coming. Raider Viking is the ultimate snow camo for both tactical and hunting applications. Dip your gear is Raider today!

Raider Universal

Use ANY basecoat color with Raider Universal to achieve a completely customized digital camouflage effect on your products.

Raider Broadsword

Raider Broadsword is a sophisticated multi-environment camouflage that utilizes advanced digital algorithms to create adaptive pattern geometry. Gray and brown tones with hints of green make this the perfect concealment pattern for fall to winter hunting seasons.

Dip Your Gear in Raider

Want to customize your handguns, knives, or other gear in our Raider Concealment Water Transfer Printing film? We have a network of over 1,400 TWN Certified Processors who can dip your gear!

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About Raider Concealment

Raider Concealment’s layered and randomized geometry is created through an effective blending of color, texture, and form to break up the human outline and blend it like no other abstract pattern can.

For nearly 30 years camouflage patterns have evolved from military-inspired abstract designs toward hyper-realistic depictions of natural elements. The reality is that while these patterns are pretty to look at, all of that detail just doesn’t matter in the field or the treestand. Camouflage was developed to break up the human outline and blend the user into a variety of different environments. In order to achieve this patterns need to be abstract and non-specific. Raider Concealment excels in randomized concealment technology and the outdoor industry has taken notice.

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