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TWN Industries and Predator Camouflage Announce a New Licensing Partnership

La Crosse,WI – Sept. 3, 2010‐ Predator Camouflage, the pioneer in Open Pattern Technology announces a new licensing partnership with TWN Industries, Inc – TWN Water Transfer Printing. “TWN is known both in North America, as well as internationally, as leaders in the field of water transfer printing,” said Frank Hood, president of Predator Camouflage. TWN uses a technologically advanced process that allows for the application of highly defined graphics to complex three dimensional shapes. TWN will offer both Predator Brown and Predator Green Deception camo patterns for hard goods.

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“We know that our patterns, our very brand, will be reproduced exactly as they are designed with TWN involved,” Hood said. “When you think about how important concealment is to hunters, you can only imagine the opportunity to use the Predator pattern to help you get even closer to the animals you are pursuing.” Hood explained. He said common requests are for archery equipment, blinds and boxes, as well as guns and sport utility vehicles. “The applications are unlimited with TWN. That is what the end user will find so exciting.”

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TWN will begin offering Predator Camouflage yet this month, in September 2010.The Predator Camo water transfer printing film patterns are available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Three-meter accessory packs and production quantity films are available immediately.