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TWN Launches All-New Marketing Program to Support Customers

TWN Hydro Dipping Marketing Program

Introducing a new way to market your business. TWN’s marketing program will give you a competitive edge, make you look more professional, and help you grow your Water Transfer Printing business.

When starting a business, having a good product and marketing it well is vital to your success. After all, who is going to buy your product or service if they don’t know anything about it? Good marketing is all about telling your story. TWN’s marketing materials help you do just that.

These professionally designed materials feature top-selling patterns, dipped sample parts, and are customized with your contact information. Our brochures will give you the confidence to land more customers, close more deals, and increase revenue.

Automotive Marketing Brochures

TWN’s automotive brochures feature a c7 engine cover on the front that is dipped in WTP-940 Sport Carbon. The inside features top-selling Water Transfer Printing films for the automotive industry as well as high-quality imagery of finished products. These brochures are ideal for tint shops, wrap shops, and other automotive businesses.

Camouflage Marketing Brochures

TWN’s camouflage brochures are perfect for gunsmiths, gun shops, outdoor/hunting stores, taxidermists, and shooting ranges. They feature high-quality imagery of dipped firearms, our top-selling camouflage patterns, and pictures of the Water Transfer Process in action. They are very effective at showing customers how the process works and showing them how you can transform their outdoor goods.

Automotive Retractable Banners

TWN’s automotive retractable banners are a statement piece for your automotive shop. Place them in a high traffic area in your shop to get the best results. Also, take them to shows and local events to gain traction with your local community and show your new clients what you can do with Water Transfer Printing!

Camouflage Retractable Banners

TWN’s camouflage retractable banners are a statement piece for your gun shop, shooting range, our outdoor store. Take them to shows and local events to showcase your company and gain new clients for your Water Transfer Printing business!

How Else Can We Help Grow Your Business?

TWN is dedicated to growing and supporting our TWN Certified Processor network. Is there another way that we can help you grow your business? Contact us below and let us know!