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TWN Partners with Virtus Outdoor Group

Virtus TARIIS Hydrographic Film

Introducing VIRTUS, the newest innovation in multi-environment tactical and hunting camouflage. Virtus is a hybrid design that combines ancient art and modern science into one cutting-edge concealment pattern. Virtus Outdoor Group (VOG) developed their camouflage patterns by re-engineering the armor of old-world warriors and building a series of concealment layers into the design.

Virtus has taken the armor that was used in battle centuries ago and built it for today’s warrior.

The Inspiration Behind Virtus Outdoors

Virtus Outdoor Group Mountain Climbing

Virtus is a unique camouflage pattern whose story is almost as impressive as its design. This pattern draws inspiration from medieval warrior armor. The traditional valor characterized by these warriors is what Virtus Outdoors seeks to bring to anyone utilizing their camouflage system. Wearers not only have functional concealment but elegant aesthetic as well. This concept embodies the values of VOG perfectly and rings true to their slogan “For the Brave.”

Check Out Our Virtus Outdoor Group “Brand” Page

Want to learn more about Virtus Outdoor Group and the team that makes it all happen? Our VOG brand page sheds some light on what makes Virtus Outdoors such a high-octane camouflage powerhouse. Also, you don’t want to miss our innovative Virtus Customizer that allows you demo all 5 VOG patterns on an automatic rifle.

Armored Soldier Design

Virtus Outdoor Group Athlete

Virtus patterns have 2 dominant design features. The intricate metallic scaling and underlying three-color shading provide the best in modern concealment science. These design elements work together to break up the user’s form, prevent isoluminance, minimize detection, and provide ruption at a distance.

Virtus has been through extensive testing by industry professionals in different fields to maximize its versatility. Used by special forces operators, active duty military personnel, professional riflemen, archers, professional athletes, and emergency responders, this pattern composition has performed through the most extreme environments and has raised the standard for concealment.

An Innovative Approach to Concealment

Virtus Outdoor Group Tactical Camouflage

Virtus’ armor plate design with variable contrast is an innovative alternative to the popular stick and branch patterns on the market. Virtus Outdoors has created a design all their own that adorns even the highest military-grade gear. Anyone can unleash their inner warrior by using VOG patterns. Dip your favorite tactical, hunting, and everyday gear in Virtus to reach your maximum potential!

Virtus Outdoor Group Patterns

Virtus Camouflage Patterns

Virtus camouflage patterns have been designed and tested using the latest in camouflage technology. No matter where you operate, Virtus has a coloration that will exceed your concealment requirements. We also carry DELOS (blue color palette) and TALOS (red color palette) that are extremely popular on athletic apparel, sportswear, and other gear.

Dip Your Gear in Virtus

Want to customize your rifle, bow, optics, and other hard goods in our Virtus Water Transfer Printing films? We have a network of over 1,400 TWN Certified Processor who can dip your gear!

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Virtus Outdoors: Tactical Meets Fashion

Virtus Outdoor Group Model

No camouflage can perform in every terrain. Virtus Outdoor Group (VOG) understands this. That is why they have created a diverse line of colorations that are optimized to perform in a broad spectrum of environments. VOG patterns were created to provide optimal concealment in arid, urban, forest, and transitional environments. Not only are these patterns effective camouflage, they are fashionable and give an aesthetic appeal to the wearer.

The opportunities are endless with Virtus. The history and meaning behind VOG allow the user to truly identify with their inner warrior. Virtus enables utmost versatility and is easily customizable with different colors and products. VOG gives you the choice to tactfully blend in, or stylishly stand out with its vibrant color combinations.

About Virtus Outdoors

Virtus Outdoor Group (VOG) was founded by three veterans that understand that the quality of your equipment and apparel can make the ultimate difference out in the field. To provide consistent and superior military-grade quality, the VOG team has developed a series of patterns that will prove excellent in virtually any environment.

VOG takes pride in their quality even down to the core design elements of their brand. Their logo is an eagle at full wingspan to represent their brand with symbolism and honor. The eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures. It conveys powerful influence and represents bravery, wisdom, honor, and virtue; all values that are the driving force behind Virtus Outdoor Group.

To learn more about VOG, check out their website at

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