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TWN Launches New 15-Meter Accessory Pack

Hydrographic Film Rolls

As a growing small business, getting top quality products when you need them is crucial for your success. Getting them at an affordable price is also critical. For this reason, we are introducing an all-new 15-meter Accessory Pack that gives you a considerable amount of film for an extremely affordable price. This is going to help you keep our most popular patterns in your shop at all times. This new product will allow you to purchase 15 meters of any pattern without a roll-off charge. :) We are excited to announce that as of today, you can now purchase 15-meter Accessory Packs online and when you call our office at 305-258-9622.

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TWN Releases Badlands Approach FX

WTP-977 Badlands Approach FX Hydrographic Film

After the successful launch of Badlands Approach in 2017, we are back at it again with Badlands to introduce Badlands Approach FX, their all-new whitetail camouflage pattern. Badlands Approach FX was created due to the demand for an Approach pattern that would be more focused on hardwoods, tree stand and later season hunting. The original Badlands Approach pattern proved to be so extremely versatile and successful that hunters wanted to see a 2nd version of the pattern without the green and lighter tones. Badlands Approach FX is the result of over a year of research and field testing.

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TWN Launches Raider Broadsword Water Transfer Printing Film

Hydrographic Film: WTP-939 Raider Broadsword

We’re back at it again with Raider Concealment. Introducing Raider Broadsword, a new kind of digital concealment pattern. With over 25 years of developing camouflage patterns for hardgoods and apparel, the creators of Raider Concealment have developed something completely unique that is changing the camouflage game as we know it.

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TWN Launches Sirphis Pulse for SHOT Show 2019

Sirphis Pulse Hydro Dipping Film

Did you hear? Moon Shine Camo is now Sirphis. To celebrate the launch of their restructuring, Sirphis has created a brand dedicated to the innovation of trendsetting patterns. Introducing Pulse, an abstract pattern that mimics the hide of an alligator. Adaptability has played a key role in the survival of the alligator. Sirphis chose this king of the swamp as its company logo and also was influenced by its hide in the development of the Pulse brand. Give your projects a pulse with this all-new groundbreaking design today!

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TWN Launches Coyote Fur Camo “YOTE”

Coyote Fur Hydro Dipping Film: WTP-974 Yote

Join the pack with Yote our all-new coyote fur hydrographic film by Thunder Mountain Camo! Yote (short for coyote) is a realistic coyote fur pattern with incredible depth and texture. The pattern was developed for the coyote hunter or any other hunter that wants a completely unique look on their shotgun, precision rifle, or other gear. Whether you’re in the wide-open west or timber country, Yote is the perfect pattern to conceal your firearms while hunting the hunter this winter season. Continue reading TWN Launches Coyote Fur Camo “YOTE”

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TWN Partners with MB4 Studio to Release Traml and Expanse Hydrographic Films

MB4 Studio Patterns Traml and Expanse

MB4 studio is a company that is driven by inspiring new trends, not copying them. They are tracking the future of camouflage and changing the game with bold, next level designs. TWN is excited to welcome two all-new MB4 patterns to our line of Water Transfer Printing films. Introducing Traml, a stick and leaves camouflage pattern and Expanse, a high octane geometric design! Both patterns are designed for firearms, ATV’s, coolers, and anything else you can get your hands on. Continue reading TWN Partners with MB4 Studio to Release Traml and Expanse Hydrographic Films

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Yeti Colster Hydro Dipped in Monster Camo

Matching our Customers with the Right Processor

Everyone has their short list. We want you to be on ours. Every day we receive inquiries from customers asking us to decorate their items. We take these leads and refer them out to processors who are the right fit for their specific project. If you are doing Water Transfer Printing full time and are eager to work with us to dip our customer’s items then sign up below!
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TWN Launches Poseidon Paint Systems

TWN Launches Poseidon Paint Systems

In the depths of the world’s most daunting oceans, resides a power beyond your wildest dreams. Today that ancient power is unleashed. Introducing Poseidon Paint Systems, TWN’s all-new automotive grade paint system that was forged by the god of the sea himself. Poseidon is the next era of automotive coatings, featuring enhanced UV stability, gloss retention, and ease of application. Now you can harness the power of Poseidon with our full line of ready-to-spray solid, metallic, and pearl paints. Download our Poseidon Price Catalog today to view all of our products and try them for yourself!
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